Pest Control in Kedron Brisbane North

Case Study: A local homeowner in Kedron has a pest control problem in her home.

Kedron, like much of South East Queensland, has a subtropical climate. When inspected months ago it was discovered that most areas around the home and yard were damp with excess moisture in areas such as timbers exposed to the weather, fascias, gables etc.

Termite Damage In a Roof Void

Termites/white ants thrive in damp soil and use it to move around to various parts of the property feeding on any timbers in the home and yard that they can access.


Once in the home and yard termites/white ants need to be found and treated ASAP or you run the risk of them remaining undetected and causing significant damage.

It is dangerous for the termites to be left undisturbed in the yard or home. The Australian Standard 3660.2 states that if any termites are discovered within 50 meters of the house a visual termite inspection is needed. Then after the inspection, a  treatment of the termites is essential, along with approved long term protection for the home.

Kedron is a northern suburb of Brisbane. Pest control in Kedron is essential as it is an older suburb. Older suburbs have more pests due to many factors. The homes in this area have been established longer and have more decaying, timber, mould, grime and wood rot all of which attract pests.

Household pests like termites – white ants, ants, cockroaches, silverfish, spiders, lawn grubs fleas, ticks, carpet moths, wool moths rats and mice like the older homes in suburbs like Kedron.

An annual termite inspection is recommended by the Australian Standards. An experienced pest control technician will inform the homeowner about all pest control issues found and not only termites/white ants around the home.

Pest control in Kedron for Rats, mice, spiders, fleas, termites, white ants, mosquitoes, ants, lawn grubs, cockroaches, silverfish and any problem pest.


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