Termite / White Ant Sprays, Treatments, Long Term Protection and Termite Inspections.

Termites / White Ants are found throughout South-East Queensland and most prevalent in Brisbane & its surrounding areas.

We receive many calls from homeowners asking for white ant / termite treatments, perimeters, sprays, and barriers on their homes for protection against white ants / termites. But it’s important to know what treatments need to be done, how it protects your home and how long such treatments will last.

White Ant Spray During Installation.

Unfilled Termite Barrier Trench

The most recommended and effective long term termite protection is in the form of a chemical termite barrier (can be referred to as a termite spray, perimeter or a treatment zone) in which a chemical termiticide is installed around the perimeter of a building.

This chemical protection is locked into the soil, safe for family & pets, and is unaffected by weather. As per the chemical label, this termite / white ant protection will last up to 8-10 years when installed correctly. After that period the termite protection is then to be recharged by a licensed pest management technician.

During a chemical barrier installation;

Termite Treatment Zone Drill Holes

Termite Barrier Drill Holes Plugged

There are many different types of houses and buildings, and all termite barrier installations are unique, but there are common procedures that are required on each job. As the barrier is usually installed around the perimeter of a building we will find on most buildings that concrete paths/patios are against the house walls.

For the areas where concrete,paths, tiles etc. are found it is required to drill and breach through the concrete or tile and then inject the termiticide into the soil under the slab. Once the drilling and termiticide injection is completed, we then cap the left over drill holes using durable drill hole plugs or grout.

Areas around the building where there is grass/soil/gardens we would then dig a trench along the external perimeter of the house, removing any soil, stones or roots. We treat the trench with the chemical termiticide, fill the trench with our own supplied soil, and then treat the trench again to complete the soil treatment.

White Ant Spray Barrier Protection

White Ant Treatment Zone Coloured Plugs

Unique situations can occur during termite barrier installations depending on the construction of the building. This example is to give a general idea of how a chemical termite barrier is installed on a standard home.


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