Professional Advice if  White Ants / Termites have been discovered in your house? Brisbane Metro Area.

What to do if you have found white ants / termites!


* Do not disturb the affected area!

White ant ant damaged in a door frame Brisbane

White ant ant damaged in a door frame Brisbane

* If you have disturbed the area please cover it up as best you can with duct or masking tape, even place some  soil, a rags or leaf litter over it, this will do. The aim is to keep white ants / termites in the same area. The white ants will repair the immediate damage and go about their business as if nothing happened. THIS IS WHAT WE WANT TO HAPPEN.!

* Why is this important?

If the white ants are not disturbed and the area is covered up the termites will be easier to find during inspection as they will not have taken off at the first sign of danger. The white ant / termite leads along with the colony can be traced. Tracing the colony through out the house is critical in assessing the extent of the infestation.

* Call a licensed Termite Professional immediately to arrange an inspection of the infestation and the house and yard.


An inspection by a professional, licensed inspector is essential when you have found termites / white ants for several reasons. You need to have the current infestation treated and you also need to ascertain how extensive the infestation is. Are the termites / white ants only in the one location or is the infestation bigger and located in other areas in the house? And you also need to find out what your options are for long term protection of your home.

Latest Technology Radar Termite / White ant Inspection !

For the latest technology –

Latest Technology Termatrac t3i

Termatrac T3i Radar

* MacCotter Termite & Pest Control uses a Termatrac T3i to inspect the house skirting boards, window and door frames etc.. The T3i  uses radar to search for tell tales signs of live white ants / termites.

* CALL a Licensed Professional.  (Contact Form)  MacCotter’s are local Brisbane  family operated pest control specialists. We offer the most advanced inspection and treatment service. Safe and effective treatments to eliminate the colony and give  long term protection solution options to keep them away. All work is in accordance with Australian Standards. Phone 1300366627