A termite/white ant inspection discovers large infestation in bathroom cabinet and ceiling timbers.  Case Study: Woody point / Sandgate, Brisbane.

Damage in wall


The home owner had called and booked a termite / white ant inspection after a family friend discovered termite mud. The mud was against a concrete pier downstairs and looked very old and unused.      


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The house was a very large  highset home built on concrete piers. Underneath the home was a parking section, storage area and a built in self contained unit.

A self contained three bedroom unit has been built in under house.

Carpet and tiles had been glued directly to the old concrete flooring. The  old concrete floor has many cracks and due to the carpet are hidden from view.


Termites must find a place to enter the home. Each home offers easy access points of entry that they favor. Highset homes have easy access around the concrete piers.

In this case the termites entered by way of the concrete piers. Timber attached to the piers had been attacked. Also under the carpet termite mudding was found coming from the cracks in the slab.


Termite white ant nest


After a thorough termite/white inspection with our Termatrac T3i radar additional areas were discovered in and around the bathroom.

The termites had travelled from the far end of the house. They came up the concrete pier and traveled along the floor joists until they found a moist area . The downstairs bathroom is directly below the upstairs bathroom .  The moisture in the bathrooms was the attraction in the house.


MacCotter Termite and Pest Control eliminated the colony in the bathroom and along the termite mud track to the pier. Termidor  dust  was used to treat the colony and after three weeks the termites were checked again and the all clear was given .


A termidor termite/white ant barrier was recommended and the homeowner decided to install the barrier as fast as possible.

Termite soldiers and workers


A termidor termite barrier is the best long term treatment for this this home. It offers eight years protection, it has an excellent record and is low toxic.

The amount of cracking in the downstairs concrete made it important to drill and inject all the lower internal walls in combination with the exterior walls.

Woody point / Sandgate, Brisbane North.After a full colony elimination a termidor termite barrier was installed to the downstairs interior walls and the full perimeter of the home.


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