Termites / White Ants Treatments in Brisbane & South East Queensland Part 1 of 4

//Termites / White Ants Treatments in Brisbane & South East Queensland Part 1 of 4

Termites / White Ants Treatments in Brisbane & South East Queensland Part 1 of 4

How do Termites / White Ants enter Your Home?

The main ways termites can enter the home is from the soil or in extreme cases they can fly in.

Soil Entry:  The termites that cause damage to dwellings are subterranean and need to be in contact with the soil. They can gain access via cracks in the concrete by entering from under the concrete through the crack. They also build mud tunnels to protect them from the light and ensure moisture is retained.

They can also enter via any old or untreated timbers that are directly in contact with the ground. Pest Inspections are vital and recommended at least every 12 months. The search for food is why termites attack your home; they will travel up to fifty metres from the nest to find food. Termite Barriers are a treatment option that will protect your home from attack for the long term.

Swarming Termites / White Ants or Winged Termites / White Ants

Fly in entry: Twice a year the Alates (reproductives) grow wings and leave the nest. Termites will make a nest in your home if there is a constant moisture source. They would be extremely lucky to find such a source except in the cases of constantly leaking plumbing, taps etc. Contact with the soil is not needed so long as constant moisture is available. Leaking pipes and bad ventilation can produce ideal conditions for a new nest.

If you find termites / White Ants Call a Professional ASAP.


Termite Nest

Termite Nest

The types of termites in SouthEast Queensland & what they eat

There are approximately 5 main termite species throughout South East Queensland and the species vary from area to area. The species are Coptotermes spp, Schedorhinotermes spp, Microcerotermes spp, heterotermes spp and nasutitermes spp. While all termites are destructive by far the most destructive of these are Coptotermes spp and Schedorhinotermes spp. If you have any of these termites in your home or yard it is extremely dangerous and can be financially and structurally devastating. Every wall in your home has a hidden cavity that is full of framing timbers that are potentially being eaten by termites right under your nose while you are completely unaware. Termites rarely leave evidence of their presence that is noticeable to the untrained eye and both Coptotermes and Schedorhinotermes make nests in wall cavities, roof voids, cupboards, under steps and verandahs, subfloors, crowns of trees, tree trunks, tree stumps, gardens and retainer walls to name just a few. These termites prefer pine timbers and in a short period of time they can destroy the frames and trusses in your wall and roof voids. Even hardwood timber is not safe because as the timber ages it becomes ideal for these termites.

Microcerotermes, Heterotermes and Nasutitermes are known as hardwood termites as this is their preferred food source. They attack older homes that have aged hardwood frames and trusses. Their nests are made in the soil and also arboreal nests in trees.

Termite / White ant Inspections are recommended each year, an annual inspection will find any activity before too much damage is done.

Termite / White Ant Treatment include Termite / Barriers.

From Coolum Beach , Caloundra, Nambour, Brisbane, Ipswich , Gold Coast and all surrounding districts have large termite populations.

A termite technician can install a Termite / White Ant Barrier to protect your home for up to ten years.

An annual  termite inspection is recommended by the Australian Standards.


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