Pest Control in Chermside / Aspley, Brisbane for Termites / White Ants

Case Study; Termite Infestation in a Chermside home.

A Chermside home owner had been conducting renovations on their two story home until one of their hired carpenters discovered a termite / white ant infestation and significant termite damage in the bottom level bedroom.

The carpenter had used fly spray to kill these termites. This is NOT recommended as it can significantly reduce the chance of successful treatment.

Unfortunately this carpenter had no knowledge of what to do when termites are found and had destroyed all of the termite workings, and also killed what live termites he could find with generic fly spray.

It is vital to know that if termites / white ants are found it is important to not disturb them and contact a termite management professional as soon as possible!

The home owner contacted MacCotter Termite & Pest Control and a termite management technician arrived that afternoon to inspect the house, assess the infestation and propose a method of treatment.

Inspection of the Home

The Chermside home is a two story brick veneer home with some weatherboard areas on the upper level of the building. During the termite inspection it was discovered that the termites / white ants had completely infested the downstairs bathroom, and laundry timber wall frames. Live termites / white ants were also discovered in the upper level hallway walls.

Termites nesting between two large paintings.

This home had not had a termite inspection carried out for several years and in that time termites / white ants have infested and destroyed the timber wall frames, window frames, door frames, and skirting boards. The termites had also infested some stored goods, including two paintings which had been stored in the laundry cupboard.

Under the Australian Standards 3660.2 (AS3660.2) annual termite / white ant inspections are required for all buildings and homes. If left unchecked, termites / white ants can cause devastating and extensive damage to the home, with the addition of costly treatments and repair costs.

Termite / White Ant Treatments in accordance with AS 3660.2

Termite workings and damage in timber wall frame.

Under the AS 3660.2 the termite / white ant infested home was treated, and long term termite / white ant protection was recommended to protect the home from possible future termite attacks. During an annual termite / white ant inspection the entire property is inspected including the buildings, yard, fences, gardens etc and these inspections are essential in order to find termites / white ants before an infestation can occur.

Licensed termite management professionals have the skills and expertise to effectively carry out termite inspections and treatments.

If you are worried about termites / white ants and would like advice or to book an inspection. Please Call Now!

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