Termites 101 – What to do if you find Termites / White Ants in Brisbane, Ipswitch, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast Areas

It’s not common knowledge to know what to do to protect your home from termites / white ants. So we have decided to prepare a few steps that should be taken if termites / white ants are found in your home.

Steps that should be taken if active termites / white ants are found on your property;

White Ant mound in tree in WooloowinSouth-East Queensland is notorious for termites, especially throughout Brisbane Suburbs. If termites / white ants are discovered in the house/home, or in any structures on the property, it is crucial that the disturbed active  termites / white ants are covered up (preferably covered by a damp cloth/cardboard/tape if possible) and the area is to be left undisturbed as possible, as any disturbances can negatively impact on a professional termite treatment (and it is always recommended you have a professional treat an active infestation as many DIY treatments are simply not as effective).

– A licensed pest management technician must then be contacted as soon as possible and a full inspection on the property is essential to determine the extent of the termite infestation.

White Ant infestation throughout home.– Once the active termite / white ant infestation has been treated by a licensed pest management technician it is then essential that long term termite protection is installed on the property buildings. If no protection is installed termites / white ants can re-infest the buildings within a very short time frame.

– After the installation of the long term termite protection, we then recommended (under the Australian Standards 3660.2) that annual termite inspections are undertaken on the property to assist in the prevention of any possible future termite infestations on the buildings.

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