Termite / White Ants Pest Control Manly West / Wynnum

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Termite / White Ants Pest Control Manly West / Wynnum

Pest Control in Brisbane for Termites / White Ants

Case Study; Termites found in a home in Manly West.


Termite found in floor




The Manly West resident discovered termite damage in his lounge room floor. Upon examination he had found live termites in his floor boards. This Manly West house has previously had a history of termite attacks in recent years. Properties that have had a history of termites/ white ants usually will have a reinfestation unless a termite barrier or chemical treatment zone has been installed. Annual termite inspections are vital to the early detection and eradication of termites/ white ants

Access to subfloor.


Wherever termites or termite damage is found it is important to cover up the areas immediately and leave them undisturbed until a pest control professional is contacted to inspect the termite activity. This allows for the most effective and successful of treatments. Termites can gain access through many different areas as demonstrated in the photos so a thorough, professional inspection is the best way to ensure you fully understand the health of your home and property.

Termites in subfloor Manly West pest control

Termites in subfloor

Termite treatments must be conducted in accordance with Australian Standards 3660.2


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