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Termite / White Ants Pest Control Brendale / Albany Creek

Pest Control in Brendale / Albany Creek for White Ants / Termites

Case Study; Termite Mounds and Termites Nests in Brendale commercial building

Termites climbing bricks.

Termites will build their nests almost anywhere. Brick walls are easily breached by termites / white ants and it is a common area in which termites nest. Regular termite inspections are essential in preventing termite infestations on all types of buildings.

Employees of a commercial factory building, located in the suburb Brendale, had noticed they were having some internet and phone problems in their offices. After contacting a technician it was discovered that a termite colony had been nesting directly inside the phone switch box. The technician had advised that the termite nest must be removed by a pest control professional before he could repair the problem.

It is very important that if any evidence of termites or termite workings are discovered that it is to be left undisturbed, until a pest control professional can inspect and assess the areas.

The manager of the building had then contacted MacCotter Termite & Pest Control to come and inspect the termite activity. Where any termite activity is discovered it is important that the areas are inspected by a professional as soon as possible.

Inspection of the Brendale Factory

Termites damaging electrical wiring.

Electrical cables and switch boxes give easy access to wall cavities. This commercial buildings business had been interrupted by termite damage to the wiring.

It was found that the termites / white ants had been nesting inside of the brick cavity walls connecting to the switch box. During the termite inspection it had been discovered that six additional termite / white ant mounds were located in the garden, along with a termite / white ant infested tree stump, only meters away from the building.

Under the Australian Standards 3660.2 (AS3660.2) annual termite inspections are required for all homes and buildings. If a property is left unchecked termites / white ants can cause devastating damage which not only can result in costly treatments but also the addition of repair costs.

Termite Treatment in accordance with AS 3660.2

Termites build mound on stump.

Several mounds and stumps were located in the front garden of the commercial factory building in Brisbane, Brendale. Stumps in gardens can attract termites / white ants. If not treated they will eventually be infested by a termite colony.

Six termite mounds were discovered in the heavy bush only meters away from the building and, under the AS3660.2, each termite mound was then effectively treated and a termite barrier for the building was also recommended for long term protection from future termite attack.

Licensed termite management professionals carry the expertise and skills required for effective termite treatments. Termites / white ants must be eradicated by licensed technicians using registered chemicals and treatments under the AS3660.2

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