Pest Control in Victoria Point / Thornlands for White Ants / Termites

Case Study; Termite / White ants discovered in Victoria Point / Thornlands

An Elderly couple living in Victoria Point had found extensive termite / white ant damage in the laundry door frame. In shock, the couple immediately had the damage repaired BEFORE contacting their termite / white ant control professionals.

Termite activity found in Thornlands home roof void.

Termite leads and damage in Victoria Point / Thornlands roofing timbers.

After their repairs were complete the couple in Victoria Point / Thornlands had contacted MacCotter Termite & Pest Control for a termite / white ant inspection as they were worried that the termites could still be in their home and so an inspection was booked.

Upon arrival our technician was invited into the Victoria Point / Thornlands home and shown where the termite / white ant damage had been, before repairs had been done a few weeks before.

Termite / White Ant Inspection

Using the termite detection device, the Termatrac T3i, it was found that live termites were still working their way through the walls and into the roof void timbers. This home, located in Victoria Point / Thornlands was a well kept single story brick veneer home. But unfortunately had not had regular termite / white ant inspections for quite some time.



White Ant Damage in Thornlands Timber Fences

Termite / White ant damage in Victoria Point / Thornlands timber fencing.

During the termite / white ant inspection, live termites / white ants were found making their way into the home by climbing up the concrete slab edge of the house, and also found feasting on nearby timber and timber fencing. Upon inspecting the roof void, termites / white ants had been found to cause massive damage to the roofing timbers.

The extent of the damage in the timber door frame had been repaired weeks before we had been called for the termite / white ant inspection for the Victoria Point / Thornlands home. This is often a problem becausse,  if termites / white ants are disturbed they may return to ground, surface elsewhere and begin feasting on another part of the home, causing further damage which in turn can mean further damage which then requires extensive treatments.

Treatments & Recommendations

After a discussion with the home owners, the termite / white ant infested areas were treated under the Australian Standards 3660.2 (AS3660.2). A termite barrier, for long term termite / white ant protection around the property, was recommended and booked in for a few weeks later.

Annual white ant / termite inspections are recommended for all homes under the Australian Standards 3660.2. All homes are at risk of white ant / termite attacks, like this one here, so it is essential to have your home checked regularly to avoid possible termite / white ant infestations.

If you have any concern about possible termite attacks on your home and are looking for advice, please call us now!

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