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Termite / white ant barriers can be installed to most homes, paving is drilled and injected garden and grass areas are trenched and new soil introduced and then treated with termiticide to create the barrier. All types of tiles, pavers, stencilled and decorative concrete finishes can be successfully drilled and capped with appropriate finish for a neat tidy look. All garden and grass areas are left tidy and neat. We pride ourselves on leaving your home as close to the way we found it as possible. Generally the termite barrier will follow the exterior wall of the home however, it depends on the type of construction of the building.

Termite Barriers Protect Your Home

Termite Barriers Protect Your Home


A termite / white ant barrier is a continuous physical or chemical system designed to exclude termites from entering the home from the soil, where they live. Termites / white ants are subterranean like worms they live beneath the soil. Therefore the barrier for existing homes (post construction) is a chemical barrier injected into the soil around the exterior walls and any areas that are at  high risk of termite entry. Termites will leave the soil but must build  mud tubes to protect their soft bodies from dehydration. The barrier must be crossed by the termite for it to enter the home and it is in this way that they are contaminated and then die.

Termite protection for new and old homes is detailed in the Australian Standards and strictly regulated. All methods and chemicals must be approved and tested. Each method and chemical preparation is defined in a manual or a label. All termite protection methods must be installed by a licensed technician. Technicians are guided by the manual, chemical label and practical experience gained in the field. The result is a termite / white ant barrier that protects your home for many years.

Chemical termite / white ant barrier protection periods range from two to ten years depending on method and chemical used. MacCotters always offer the best value for our customers which is eight years and ten years depending on treatment used.

Suitable for termite barrier

Suitable for termite barrier


The best chemicals are Termidor ( fipronil ) and Biflex ( bifenthrin ). Both are widely used and represent the best available protection in a termite / white ant barrier around your home.

Termidor is a non repellent and works by contaminating the termites as they approach your exterior walls. Once contaminated the termites infect the colony using the transfer method no matter where the colony is situated and kills the queen after a short time. Biflex is a repellent and works more as a outright knock down similar to surface spray. When the termites touch the barrier they become contaminated and they die.

MacCotters recommend Termidor if your home has a history of termites / white ants or there are high risk areas in or around the home. Termidor is better at treating termite / white ant colonies that are in or close by the house. Termidor gives eight years protection.

All surfaces suitable for a termite barrier

All surfaces grass, stones, paving are all suitable for a termite barrier installation in Brisbane.

Biflex is recommended if the home is low risk and has not had any history of  termite attack. It will kill any termite / white ant that crosses over the barrier. Biflex has the advantage of ten years protection for the home.

We have pets and know their safety is of the utmost importance. All the barriers we install are safe for family and pets.

MacCotters pride ourselves on being professional, fully licensed and insured.


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