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Termite / White ant Barrier for Gaythorne Brisbane Ph 1300 366 627

A Gaythorne home owner is installing a termite / white ant barrier after finding active termites / white ants in walls and windows. Case Study: Gaythorne Brisbane.

A young couple have recently purchased their first  home in Gaythorne Brisbane.

The home was inspected for building and pest by an inspector recommended by the real estate they bought the property through. The termite inspection report found no live active termites and only what they termed superficial, old termite / white ant damage inside one bedroom on the picture rail.

VJs termite/white ant damage

The owners decided to employ contract carpenters to repair the damage in the bedroom before moving in. The carpenters began removing the picture rail that was damaged and discovered it was full of live termites.


Pre-purchase timber pest inspections should be totally independent from a real estate. If you are buying a home find your own termite / white ant inspector. Many new home owners who have used agent recommended building and pest companies find that they have termites / white ants a few months after buying the home.

Exterior weather board damage

The Gaythorne owners called our company, MacCotter Termite & Pest Control for a termite inspection to find out the extent of the infestation. We use a Termatrac T3i detection device that incorporates use of a radar, thermal and moisture meter to examine the walls, ceiling and flooring.

Termatrac T3i



Gaythorne, Brisbane is an old area and has many aging timber homes. Most have timber piers and weather boards on the exterior and vertical joint “VJs” on the interior wall surfaces.

The VJs on the internal walls of one bedroom were heavily attacked. Termites /white ants target VJs from the bottom traveling up, along them to the roof void. The whole wall or room can be infested and the termites / white ants can go unseen until an inspection takes place, some building work disturbs them or the paintwork starts to buckle . It takes a professional using the right instruments to properly detect them.

The windows and VJs in one bedroom of the Gaythorne house were full of active termites / white ants along with an adjoining bedroom. Also, a sunroom had extensive damage in its walls. Under the house, one pier was completely gutted while another two piers had serious damage and need replacing. Several weather boards on the front, exterior wall had large holes caused by termite / white ant damage.

Window frame damage

After treating the active termites and eliminating the colony a proposal was prepared for the home owner  offering long term termite / white ant protection for the home.

Due to the termite / white ant activity a termidor termite barrier was recommended.

A Termidor termite barrier will protect the Gaythorne Brisbane home, due to the way it works. Termidor is a non repellent treatment and does not kill on contact but contaminates the termite and is then transferred from one termite / white ant to another until all of them are affected. Once the whole colony is contaminated  by the termidor they die. From start to finish it takes about three weeks to eliminate a colony. The manufactures of Termidor call this the “transfer affect”.

If you need advice or have found termites /white ants please call.

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