Termite Reticulation Systems in Brisbane Suburbs

What is a Termite Reticulation System?

A Termite Reticulation System is a perforated pipe line that is installed along the perimeter of a building before the area is to be concreted or paved. This ensures that when the chemical protection requires recharging in the future, that the concrete slab, paths, or paved areas will not need to be drilled.

Case Study; Perimeter Termite Reticulation System Installation in Boondall / Nudgee

We had received a call from one of our regular customers as they were having some renovations done on their home. We had previously mentioned to them that if they were looking to do any renovation work on their home that it was crucial that termite protection was to be installed to protect new construction.

The customers had then explained that they were planning to pour in a concrete slab directly next to the house to a expand their home. It is vital that if any concrete slabs are poured next to the building that a termite reticulation system is to be installed, otherwise the area may require drilling in the future after the slab is poured.

For our customers we had recommended the Camilleri Underslab Injection System. The Camilleri reticulation is a patented, tried and tested, termiticide delivery system and is registered for use for both Underslab (Pre-Construction) and Perimeter application with Termidor.

How is it installed?

For perimeter reticulation we must prepare a trench alongside the existing structure where the concrete slab is to meet the structure. Once that area is completed trenched, cleaned, and prepared we then lay down the reticulation piping into the trench. We then replace the soil into the trench & return once the slab has been poured.

After the slab is poured we return to prepare the reticulation access stations (round or square) and finally pump the chemical termiticide into the reticulation to treat the soil.

Physical slab barriers cannot be replaced and may degrade over a long period of time, whilst chemical termite barriers can be renewed every 8-10 years which allows active termite protection around the building.


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