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Termites / White Ants Pest Control Chermside / Aspley

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Pest Control in Chermside / Aspley, Brisbane for Termites / White Ants Case Study; Termite Infestation in a Chermside home. A Chermside home owner had been conducting renovations on their two story home until one of their hired carpenters discovered a termite / white ant infestation and significant termite damage in the bottom level bedroom. [...]

Termites in Mulch in Garden Part 2 of 5

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Part two: Termite resistant timbers can be chipped and used as mulch in gardens. In part 2 we talk about commonly listed termite resistant timbers that reportedly give some natural  protection from termite attack ( however, it is very important to remember that no timber is actually termite proof): In part one we talked about the [...]

Termites and Mulch in the Garden Part 1 of 5

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Mulch is a protective covering placed over garden to reduce moisture loss, increase nutrients and suppress weed growth used in all regions of Australia. Termites / white ants are attracted to areas containing mulch. Due to the climate of Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich, Caloundra, Nambour, Coolum Beach and surrounding areas, mulch has to be managed and [...]

TOP TEN WAYS TO PREVENT TERMITE ATTACK. Part six of ten part series.

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Part six of ten part series. Timber In Contact With Soil attract termites / white ants. Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast,Ipswich and Brisbane. The previous post Part five and how roof voids, sub floors and mulch harbour termites / white ants. Timber fences, retaining walls, landscaping, stored timber and old form work left in place, posts and [...]