Spider treatments for homes in Ashgrove/ Bardon and all Brisbane suburbs

Do you have these eight legged creepy crawlies through your house and garden?

Spiders in Brisbane gardens.

Webbing spiders and ground spiders are  common throughout South-East Queensland.  They can be found in most gardens and around homes. This can be a bit of a problem as a spiders web is messy and they often build their webs along pathways around the house.

The majority of spiders around the garden are harmless and quite useful. Mosquitoes and house fly numbers are reduced around the home by these  harmless webbing spiders. Some harmless ones are Golden Orb Weaver, Daddy long legs and St Andrew’s Cross but these useful spiders are often destroyed by people through fear.

 Spider Treatments Brisbane Suburbs.

Redback Spider pest control

Redback Spider In Roof Void

Pest control Spiders in Brisbane

Harmless spiders in Brisbane

Many Brisbane spiders are dangerous, Redbacks, Whitetail  and Black House Spiders are a few. Spiders should be treated on a regular basis by a licensed professional pest control technician. A responsible  pest control company that doesn’t blanket spray your home with pesticide but treats the spiders that are a problem or dangerous.

MacCotter Termite & Pest Control are a family operated local Brisbane business that specialise in all types of household pests. Termites / White Ant Inspections, Treatments and Termite Barriers to protect your home. General pest control including spiders, ants, silverfish, cockroaches, bird lice, lawn pests ( funnel ants and lawn grubs) carpet moths and beetles etc.

Garden Spiders

Garden Spiders

A profession pest technician will assess your home for  spiders and treat with a safe and effective residual pesticide

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