Lawn Grubs / Lawn Beetle Destroying Grass Lawns in Bardon / Paddington, Brisbane Areas.

Case Study;

Lawn grub / beetles destroying homeowners lawns in Bardon, Brisbane!

Lawns Destroyed by Lawn Grubs / Beetles in Bardon, BrisbaneWe had received a call from one of our regular customers in Bardon with regards to his lawn dying in some areas. After sending us photos of his lawn we had diagnosed that the problem is being caused by a Lawn Grub infestation. A time was scheduled to treat the the lawn.

Lawn Grubs infest the lawns and eat the grass roots. This dries out the grass leaf and causes the white/yellow lawn colour. Lawn Grubs left untreated will eventually result in killing the lawn.

Inspecting the Lawns

Close up of Lawns destroyed by Lawn Grubs / Beetles in Bardon, Brisbane

Once we had arrived at the property the customer had explained to us that he had only just arrived home after a weeks holiday to find that most of his lawn had been destroyed. Upon investigation we had also found that the Black Lawn Beetles had also been attacking his lawns as well as the Lawn Grubs.

Treating the Lawns

Soon after the lawn treatment we had begun to see the Lawn Grubs & Lawn Beetles emerge from the treated soil and now the grass can begin to grow again. If these areas were left untreated the entire lawn may have been destroyed.Lawn Grubs in Paddington / Bardon, Brisbane

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