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Funnel Ants are a common problem throughout South-East Queensland. Our climate provides ideal conditions for Funnel Ants to nest in our lawns and reproduce.

Funnel Ants will nest in lawns and the infestation may not cease until the lawn is professionally treated by a licensed pest management technician.

Funnel Ants are found throughout Brisbane suburbs, including Kedron – Wavell Heights.

Funnel Ant infestations can increase extremely rapidly to the point where the entire lawn is covered in mounds. So, because of this, it is essential that even when there is a minor funnel ant problem in the lawn, that it is treated professionally, and as soon as possible, before a minor problem turns into a complete infestation that can often lead to the lawn being completely destroyed.

Funnel Ants In Brisbane

MacCotter Termite & Pest Control offers safe & effective funnel ant treatments for your lawns which are safe for family & pets. 

Funnel ants can not only cause cosmetic damage to your lawn, with mounds throughout the yard, but also craters can form in the lawns as the tunnels they create often collapse and sink into the funnel ant nest. As the Funnel Ants live underground they must excavate the soil beneath the surface and this then causes dirt mounds on the surface.

Funnel Ant mounds and craters can also cause problems when lawn mowing and for sporting activities. High risk zones are Kedron / Wavell Heights for funnel ants as well as all Brisbane suburbs.

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