Damp walls attract termites/white ants into home with faulty drainage, Cornubia-Loganlea, Brisbane South Ph 1300 366 627

/, Brisbane South, Case Studies, Termidor Barrier Brisbane/Damp walls attract termites/white ants into home with faulty drainage, Cornubia-Loganlea, Brisbane South Ph 1300 366 627

Damp walls attract termites/white ants into home with faulty drainage, Cornubia-Loganlea, Brisbane South Ph 1300 366 627

A Cornubia homeowner infested by termite/white ants. Must repair drainage and install a Termidor termite/white ant barrier. Case Study : Cornubia – Loganlea, Brisbane South.

The heavy rain in the last eight weeks has caused many homes to be damp and mouldy. Homes on hillsides have special drainage needs to protect the home from flooding and dampness.

Sand Bags failed to keep walls dry.

There are many reasons drainage does not protect the home. Drains may become blocked with soil & leaves, damaged by tree roots or just not be large enough to take the volumes of water that occur in a heavy down pour. If the drain fails and overflows the walls are exposed to the excess water. Walls are designed to be rain and wind proof only and will be damaged by flooding or excess water.

Retainer wall ruined by termites.


Walls made of timber become mouldy and dampness starts to rise up into the surrounding areas. Termites /white ants are attracted to moist areas in the soil and are searching for moist timbers to feed on. Any home that has a moisture problem whether new or old is equally attractive to termites and vulnerable to attack.

Termite/white ant populations are heavily spread throughout Cornubia – Loganlea, Brisbane South. Termite / White Ant barriers are the best protection for your family home.

Termite / white ant nest in there garden.

One of the reasons the owners purchased the home was that the previous owner had beautifully landscaped the yard. They had scattered sawn off logs throughout the yard. They had been introduced to beautify the garden. Within months the timbers began to decay and were targeted by multiple colonies of termites / white ants. With a large population of termites / white ants in the garden and yard, any excess moisture in the house will only attract termites / white ants.

The recent heavy rain and badly designed drainage overflowed into the main front wall of the house below the driveway. The home is situated much lower than the road and has a long driveway leading down to the front of the house. When the drains overflowed the front of the house was heavily flooded. Sand bags and other temporary measures did not solve the problem or prevent this flooding from occurring. Weeks of rain mad the timber soften and became infested with termites / white ants. There was also a badly designed embankment on this property that was touching the wall of the house, providing another entry point for termites / white ants.

Fence attacked next to flooded home

It was strongly recommended to the home owner that they repair the draining issues, have the embankment cut back so it was not touching the house and have a termite / white ant barrier installed once the active termites already in the house were treated. The termite / white ant colony inside the house were successfully treated and a Termidor termite barrier was installed. The damaged walls were repaired or replaced and the home has now been restored to it’s former glory.

MacCotter Termite & Pest Control completed this this job with an inspection using a Termatrac T3i

Termatrac T3i

An annual inspection is the best tool to help protect your family home. The Cornubia homeowners hadn’t had an inspection since they purchased the home eight years ago. If they have been vigilant with their inspections the infestation would have been discovered long before and most likely before the termites / white ants made their way into the home.

In conclusion, the main factors that contributed to this termite / white ant infestation in the Cornubia home are: Poor drainage. Untreated landscaping timbers. The design of the home and the fall of the land. Badly designed embankment. No termite / white ant protection and, most importantly lack of annual inspections.

An annual termite / white ant inspection and a professionally installed termite / white ant barrier will keep your home protected from termites / white ants. Termites are easily managed but you invite them into your home if you ignore the signs and don’t have regular inspections.

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