Best type of Termite / White Ant protection for my home in Brisbane.


White ant Barrier Brisbane

Termite/White ant Barrier Brisbane

What is termite/ white ant protection in Brisbane? 


Termite / white ant protection refers to a ‘tried and tested’ approved method of keeping termites out of the timber used to construct a house or building in Brisbane, Queensland. Almost every home ever constructed has some timber in the home that termites are attracted to, even if it is simply skirting boards.


 How do termites / white ants get into houses and buildings?

Termites / white ants are “subterranean” meaning they live in the soil and need high moisture levels. When they travel beyond the soil they construct complex nests and mud tunnels to conserve moisture and humidity and to protect them from the light. Termites have soft skin and unlike  ants can not travel above ground safely. Termites are attracted to high moisture around a house, areas like outdoor taps, hot water systems overflow outlets that commonly leak, bad drainage, even a broken guttering or down pipe. Damp areas around the house  act like a nursery for termites and their numbers increase until they find a entry point into the home or building.

How can I keep termites / white ants out of my house?

Termite / white ants barriers successfully keep termites out of buildings.

Best white ant barrier in Brisbane

Termite / White ant Brisbane

The installation of a termite / white ant barrier (perimeter) involves treating the  perimeter soil with a specialized termiticide to reduce the risk of infestation of timber in the home. All homes new and old are required to have termite barriers. Its mandatory for new homes to have termite protection installed.

Older  homes are most vulnerable because many have had no protection installed or only  partly installed protection that has often expired. A termite barrier is essential to protect older homes as many  have had renovations without proper protection installed.The installation of a chemical termite barrier in accordance with AS3660.2 gives 8 to 10 years protection.

How do I get a termite/white ant barrier installed?

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This is where a termite barrier is used to prevent termite / white ant entry into the home.

Some barriers can also help prevent termite numbers  building  up  around the perimeter of the house and yard.