Many people in Brisbane, Caloundra, Nambour, Coolum and other South East Queensland areas have been asking questions like

‘Should I have a termite / white ant inspection during winter’?


‘Should I have a termite / white ant barrier installed over winter’? and ‘Are termites / white ants active during winter’?

The answer to all these questions is a resounding YES!

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window frame eaten

Many people only associate termites / white ants with the warmer conditions. This is due to a couple of things. During the summer months when conditions are humid and moist many people spend more time in their yards and gardens and consequently this is when they discover termites / white ants, however, this does not mean that termites / white ants are only active during this time. The reality is that termites / white ants are active all year round including the colder winter months. Being subterranean, they mostly remain unseen but just because you cannot see them it doesn’t mean they are not there. Most termite / white ant damage to the home is done without the home owner even being aware that the termites / white ants are there. Often, the home owner doesn’t become aware they have a termite / white ant problem until significant damage has been caused and there is a large termite / white ant infestation in the home.

Termatrac T3i

Subterranean termites / white ants primarily live underground where conditions are perfect for them i.e. dark and moist. They do forage for food and will come to the surface in their search for food. Termites / white ants can enter a home through various methods. Twice a year the Alates swarm in the search for a suitable place to create a new colony. The swarming Alates land and if the conditions are suitable they will establish a nest and commence breeding. Suitable conditions include having moisture and food and this is often where our homes provide such conditions.

Older homes may have concrete slabs that have cracked with age providing easy access to the timbers in the house as a food source. These homes are particularly vulnerable as they often have not had any termite / white ant protection installed.

Are termites / white ants active during winter?

Termites / White Ants are active and causing damage all year round so, if you haven’t had an inspection in the past 12 months don’t leave it for summer to arrive, book in and have one now as it is irrelevant to termites / white ants what time of year it is. If they are in your home feasting on your most valuable asset they will be causing as much damage in winter as they would during the summer months.

The best and most powerful method of determining whether your home has termites / white ants is to have an annual termite / white ant inspection as recommended by the Australian Standards AS3660.2. If you live in Brisbane, Caloundra, Nambour, Coolum or anywhere else in South East Queensland this is especially important. This will enable the termite / white ant professional to pick up any infestation or any areas of concern in the home before too much damage has occurred. The other way to protect your home is to have a termite / white ant barrier installed. This provides protection to your home 24 hours a day 7 days a week for 8 to 10 years depending on the termiticide used.

Using a qualified professional is extremely important as licensed professionals not only have the right equipment but they have the added benefit of experience. The right equipment is a very important aspect of termite / white ant inspections and this is where the Termatrac T3i proves invaluable. It comprises a moisture meter, thermal imager and most importantly, a radar that can detect termite and pest movement behind walls, door & window frames, skirting boards etc. So, before you book your inspection remember to ask the very important question –  ‘Do you use the Termatrac T3i’?

In conclusion:

Are termites / white ants active during winter? Absolutely YES!

Should I have a termite / white ant inspection during winter? Absolutely YES!

Should I have a termite / white ant barrier installed during winter? Absolutely YES!

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            MacCotter have fantastic customer service. They called to let me know that they were running a few minutes late and when they got here they appreciate a person’s home. They put plastic over their shoes and they were very thorough. I had a great conversation with them and found them courteous and a pleasure to deal with. They were very professional and thorough. I am so glad I had them do my inspection. 22-05-2012

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