Ants Attack! Ant Pest Control in Gordon Park, Stafford Heights

Case Study; New Homeowner discovers Black Ant infestation in Gordon Park / Stafford Heights Home, Brisbane North Suburbs.

Ant infestation through Stafford Heights / Gordon Park Home

Ants cluster between doorway and frame.

We received a call from a local new homeowner in the Gordon Park / Stafford area, concerned that their new home may have an pest problem. We booked a time to go and visit this fellow in his new home to see just how bad the pest problem was.

When we arrived on the day, he had prepared his home for a full pest treatment, this included pulling out couches & furniture from the walls, removing dishes & goods from the kitchen cupboards, and even emptying his closets & wardrobes.

After a good look at his home it was pretty clear to us that there was a very bad black ant infestation. Black ants commonly forage for food in the kitchen areas and will often have their nest close by, usually outside, and sometimes even in wall & roof voids.


Ant Pest Control in Gordon Park / Stafford Heights, Brisbane City

Ants will use almost anything as a bridge into a home, including air conditioners, hot water systems, trees, and bushes.

Black ants can cause quite a lot of damage to electrical goods as we have seen them infest many different electrical devices such as, printers, computers, dishwashers, microwaves and light switches.

Ants are found in nearly every home, but in order to prevent an infestation its important to keep regular pest treatments in your home. We do offer complete packages for cockroaches, spiders, and silverfish, as well as ants.

So before a few small pests become a big problem, call your local pest control specialist!

MacCotter Termite & Pest Control service all local areas including Brisbane, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast.


Ant Nest destroying lawn in Stafford Heights / Gordon Park

Ant nest destroys back yard turf.

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