Flea Infestation in Carseldine / Aspley, Brisbane

Flea Infestation in Aspley / Carseldine, BrisbaneWe all love our pets, and some of us are a bit more lenient to having them in our homes (and even in our beds!) but this can often cause a very itchy problem in the case of fleas.

Case Study; Flea infestation in Carseldine / Aspley Home.

We had been contacted by a home owner, in the Carseldine / Aspley area, concerned that she may have a flea problem in her yard as her young dog had been constantly scratching herself (fleas!). And she was worried for her dog, her home and herself.

Flea Infestation in Aspley / Carseldine, BrisbaneIts quite apparent when there are fleas in our homes. Our pets are constantly scratching, and we’re scratching too! A complete treatment is the best way to protect you and your pets from fleas.

Upon arrival to the Carseldine / Aspley home we had inspected the house and yard for fleas, and straight away it was clear there was a flea infestation and we needed to treat the entire property right away. As is the case in a lot of flea infestations, both the yard and the house require treating.


In order to eradicate a flea infestation in the home it is recommended that both the yard and home are treated on the same day.

Flea Infestation in Aspley / Carseldine, BrisbaneFleas can even infest homes without any pets living on the property at all! It’s important to know that regular flea and pest treatments in our homes are good deterrents for most pest infestations.

For those homes who do have pets, it is vital to keep them successfully flea treated. If you are having troubles in this area, talk to your local vet, pest store or pest professional for the best treatments available.

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